TASM Membership

The purpose of this nonprofit organization will be the following:

  • To promote effectiveness in supervision, coordination, and teaching of mathematics.
  • To promote and effect research for the improvement of the mathematics curriculum.
  • To offer it’s members and opportunity to act as a professional group in matters pertaining to mathematics.

We have the following membership levels available. To join, simply click on the "Join TASM" button, fill out the information in the registration form and mail-in the membership fees. Upon receiving payment, you will receive your membership credentials for the website.


Full Membership: $30 annual dues
Membership in this organization is open to those persons who are actively employed in a public or private setting and participate in the training, supervision, and/or evaluation of teachers of mathematics, either at the state, region, district, or college/university level. Full members are eligible to hold an elected office and have voting privileges.

Associate Membership: $30 annual dues
Those persons who are not employed in a public or private setting, either at the state, region, district, or college/university level are eligible for Associate membership. An associate member may not be a candidate for an elected office.


Please note that the membership year runs September 1 through August 31.
Membership dues do not include registration fees for TASM events.
If you are interested in joining TASM and registering for an upcoming event at the same time, please click here.